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About Us

Charles Molnar University is a popular seat of learning. The University is well known for the extensive range of its education and small groups of students. Furthermore research at the University is internationally renowned. The University also participates actively in society and community development projects through an extensive programme of cooperative ventures involving the business and public sectors.  

The University's educational profile is made up of three interwoven areas of strength which can be summarised as the development and study of organisations, products and quality of life. To promote interaction, these areas of strength are permeated by three distinctive attributes: collaborative outreach, innnovation and well-being.  

CMU's extensive range of degree and single subject courses attracts students from the whole of Hungary and also from other countries, which is readily reflected in the profiles of students at the University. Within the strength areas outlined above there are traditional degree courses and also degree programmes with unique specialisms. The University is characterised by a continuous process of development with the production of new courses, degree programmes, research initiatives and a steadily growing campus area. Large numbers of exchange students imbue the University with an international character.  

The University is however more than just a place for education. The University is a meeting place for different cultures and people of different age groups. The University is a bank of knowledge and expertise for the business sector and society.  

If you want to find out more about the various dimensions of CMU and what the University can do for you, you can obtain information under the following headings: Education, Research and External Relations.

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